This week, diplomats in Brussels have been told that a No Deal Brexit is currently Boris Johnson’s ‘central scenario.’

I want to make clear that if Boris Johnson fails to renegotiate a good deal for Britain, and No Deal is put to a vote in Parliament – I will vote against it, writes Peterborough MP Lisa Forbes.

During my election campaign, I said that I would never vote to make the people of Peterborough poorer – and I stand by that.

The Prime Minister’s accusation that this means not respecting the referendum result is a false equivalence. On the contrary, I would support a deal that brought us out of the European Union while prioritising jobs, the economy, and environmental standards while protecting worker and consumer rights. I believe that this deal was possible from the start – but the Tories’ botched negotiations and their refusal to consult with opposition parties have resulted in their failure to deliver.

The Prime Minister’s position on Brexit has not been consistent. Despite his current bravado on Britain’s chances in a No Deal scenario, he had previously been one of the Single Market’s leading defenders. In an interview in 2016 before the referendum he stated “I would vote to stay in the single market. I’m in favour of the single market.”

For Johnson to now suggest that No Deal is emblematic of democracy is pure opportunism and, ironically it will not take back the control that many desire.

Donald Trump has just threatened to can a free trade deal with Britain if we continue with plans to tax tech giants. Despite tripling profits, Amazon halved its UK corporation tax bill in 2017.

That isn’t taking back control – it’s kowtowing to the interests of a dangerous, right-wing President.

If Johnson was so petrified of a ‘United States of Europe’, then why is he intent on becoming reliant on the United States of America instead?

It would be a travesty if a trade deal with the US endangered the NHS, whether that be through privatisation or the leverage Trump possesses meaning that big pharma can increase their prices and profits at the expense of our national treasure.

Amidst all this, the government is still being secretive over potential food shortages that will hit poorest homes the hardest in the event of No Deal – and this is without talking about the catastrophic impact it could have on British industry and manufacturing.

I entered politics to improve the lives of those in Peterborough – a No Deal Brexit will not do that.

Whether you’re a Leaver or a Remainer, the Labour Party’s policy platform is committed to improving the lives of those who have been left behind by this shambolic Tory administration.

We want to unite the country, not divide it.

Our agenda, whether it be getting a good deal with Europe to protect the country, or transforming the economy so that it truly brings investment and opportunity to places like Peterborough, is undoubtedly the best way to do that.

First published in the Peterborough Telegraph.

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