My five pledges for Peterborough

  • Stop the rise in crime

  • Clean up our streets

  • Give our children a proper education

  • Build a thriving local economy

  • Tackle our housing and homelessness crisis

Police officers keeping streets safe
Police officers keeping streets safe

Stop the rise in crime

There are 21,000 fewer police on our streets since the Tories took power in 2010. This is why we have seen a constant rise in crime in Peterborough. I hear every day from people across our city who have been the victims of crime, and know that this is a problem with one clear solution; put more police back on our streets.

I recently spoke to someone on the doorstep who had been burgled – he called the police only to be told he needed to report it online. No one came to take fingerprints, a statement or to reassure him that this crime was being taken seriously. This sadly is becoming more and more common.

The truth is that the Police are having to prioritise what crimes their limited resources can deal with.  This is not the fault of the Police, it is the fault of a government that puts cuts ahead of public safety.

In fact, across Cambridgeshire £27 million of government funding for the police has been cut since 2010. At the same time crime has shot up, with violent crime up by an astonishing 76% between 2015 and 2018.

It’s clear where the blame lies, with a Conservative Government that puts austerity ahead of safety.

If elected as MP I will be fighting for a Labour Government that has committed to putting 10,000 bobbies back on the beat. Crime in Cambridgeshire fell by 29% under the last Labour Government, if you elect me I’ll fight to make this a reality again.

We all deserve to live in a society where we feel safe and able to go out without fear of being a victim of crime. If you elect me as your MP, I will fight the Tory Government for fair funding, and hold them to account for their failings. Between our Tory Government, Tory Council, and Tory Police and Crime Commissioner, Peterborough has become a crime hotspot. As your MP, I would put a stop to this.

Overflowing wheely-bin
Overflowing wheely-bin

Clean up our streets

The Tories have spectacularly failed to keep our city clean. Streets are covered in litter, fly-tipping blights our public spaces, and estates across Peterborough have been left in a chronic state of disrepair. In fact, Peterborough has been revealed as having the third worst fly-tipping rates in the country and being the fourth worst city for littering. There are very few places in Peterborough where you can go without seeing signs of a council that simply doesn’t care.

We need to put some pride back into Peterborough and stop the rot on our streets. Fly-tipping alone has doubled in the last five years, but the number of fines issued by the council is lower than ever before.

As your MP I will hold the Tory Council to account, and making sure they do the job the people of Peterborough elected them to do. We need more money spent on street sweepers, proper fines for fly-tippers, and more CCTV to catch them in the act. On top of this, we need a proper bulky waste collection service and repairs carried out to council owned properties and footpaths across the city.

Elect me and together we can start cleaning Peterborough up from day one.

Children receiving a good quality education
Children receiving a good quality education

Give our children a proper education

Children in Peterborough are being badly let down and held back from achieving their full potential by a government who care more about privatising our education service than providing our children with a good education.

Our teachers are under enormous pressure due to government cuts. Some schools in Peterborough have lost nearly £500 per pupil under the Tories. It is no surprise then that Peterborough consistently ranks poorly in national league tables, coming second-from-bottom nationally in Year 6 SATs results for the last three years. Teachers don’t go into teaching for the money, they do it because they care about our children’s futures, but the pressure the government has put them under has them leaving in their droves.

As Peterborough’s MP I will fight for a properly funded education system to improve educational outcomes and ensure all children can reach their full potential. I will bring together a forum consisting of Headteachers, school governors, parents and council officials to discuss a plan for improving outcomes in Peterborough, and will campaign relentlessly to ensure our voices are heard in Parliament.

A thriving local market
A thriving local market

Build a thriving local economy

Thirty years ago, my family moved to Peterborough for the well paid, skilled jobs that were available at that time.  It’s shameful that many of those skilled manufacturing jobs are now gone with a few notable exceptions, but even where that opportunity remains, the number of jobs available has dropped significantly.

The reality today is that many of the jobs available are insecure, low paid and often zero hour contracts, which leaves many struggling to budget and forced to rely on benefits to make ends meet.  42% of working people in Peterborough now rely on Universal Credit. I have been supporting people in this situation through my job at Unite the Union and as a local councillor for years. I know the pressures people are under and that the only solution is good, skilled, well paid secure jobs. This is what we desperately need to bring back to Peterborough.

We need an MP that will fight for investment in this city. I want to make Peterborough a Living Wage City and will campaign for local employers to sign up to that mission. I will support small and medium-sized businesses in our city by working with the council to ensure that contracts are awarded locally, which will give a much-needed boost to our economy. I will ensure Peterborough gets the University it was promised which will bring much needed skilled employment to the city and kick start our mission to get a thriving local economy.

With proper investment and support, I know we can make Peterborough a vibrant city, full of successful local businesses. But we need leadership to make that a reality; elect me as your MP and I will provide that leadership.

A sleeping bag on the street
A sleeping bag on the street

Tackle our housing and homelessness crisis 

Housing is an issue we desperately need to tackle in Peterborough. There has been a nearly 50% rise in the number of people sleeping rough in the last eight years and we see this across our city. We have people sleeping in St James’ Arcade, shop doorways, and in tents; all of this as a direct result of Government policy. Many young people are sofa surfing and families made homeless are being housed in hotels and B&Bs, often out of town and as far afield as Doncaster.

There is a clear solution to this, building more affordable homes. But this is something the council is simply failing to address.

Demand for social and affordable housing is immense, so much so that the Tories in Peterborough changed the criteria for who is eligible to be on the housing waiting list, to decrease the numbers from over 9,000 to just over 3,000. This is not a solution to the housing crisis.

On top of this, much of the housing we have for those on low incomes is of poor quality. Whether through private landlords or social housing, companies’ standards of accommodation are falling whilst rents go through the roof. I will be an advocate for capping sky-high rents and regulating against dodgy landlords. We need more homes in Peterborough, but we also need to make sure the ones we have now are truly fit for human habitation.

As someone who grew up with the stability and security of a council house, I understand the value of a secure, affordable roof over your head. If I am the MP for Peterborough I will make it a key priority to implement practical solutions to the housing crisis.  I support a national programme of council house building and hope we can take lessons from other councils around the country that are tackling this issue head-on. Together, we can build the homes Peterborough needs, improve the quality of our current housing, and reduce the homelessness that we see across our city.

If you like the sound of my ideas to build a better Peterborough please get involved in my campaign.

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